June 20, 2012

Introduction of Parris Mayhew

Parris Mayhew shot by Terry Richardson, April 2011

Parris Mayhew is a native New Yorker, born in Manhattan and raised on the streets of the Bronx. He’s lived in the city all of his life. 

Parris is the son of country music maverick record producer Aubrey Mayhew, who discovered Johnny Paycheck, Jeannie C Riley, recorded Clint Eastwood, was the owner of Charlie Parker music for 50 years and whom on a whim saved the Texas School Book Depository building from destruction when the city of Dallas wanted it wiped from the memory of the world and insured that a historical place be preserved for the world. Parris’ mom Carol Mayhew was a dancer at the Copacabana and a Rockette, it doesn’t get more New York than that.

Parris graduated from the High school of Art and Design where he studied illustration, then earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from the School of Visual Arts Film School in New York City.

Being from a show-business family it is no surprise that Parris was the guitarist, songwriter and founding member of New York hardcore legends the Cro-Mags. Parris recorded three groundbreaking albums with Cro-Mags including the "Age Of Quarrel" the seminal hardcore punk album. In 2015 the VILLAGE VOICE made their list of "the 50 MOST NYC albums" and AGE OF QUARREL was #16 between WU and NY DOLLS.

Parris began a career in the film business Directing a
 music video for the Cro-Mags song "We Gotta Know" which enjoyed international acclaim, and attracted a world wide fan base and infamy for the Cro-Mags. Parris subsequently directed over 50 videos including Onyx's "Slam" the longest running #1 video on MTV ever! And winner of the MTV music award for “BEST NEW ARTIST VIDEO”. In 2014 VH1 Classics had a viewers choice TOP 100 VIDEOS and Parris; video for TYPE O NEGATIVE "Black #1" ranked at #2 out of 100. 

Parris is also a camera/steadicam operator on commercials, features and television shows such as THE AMERICANS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, and BLUE BLOODS.

 Parris also directed and shot spots for POLO Ralph Lauren and Detroit/NYC rappers CERTAIN ONES.